Professional guidance

Our standards and guidance cover all areas of surveying practice and embody best practice. They fall into the following categories: professional statements, practice statements, codes of practice, and guidance notes.

RICS standards and professional guidance are available free of charge to all and you can download PDF versions of the publications below. Check the side-bar options to refine the listed items by topic or professional group, or search for specific guidance using the search box above. Some RICS professional guidance publications can be bought from the RICS Shop.

Members should note that when an allegation of professional negligence is made against a surveyor, the court is likely to take into account the contents of any relevant professional guidance published by RICS in deciding whether or not the surveyor has acted with reasonable competence.

Outdated guidance is archived, however you can still obtain a reference copy by contacting our library.

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  • Quantity surveying & construction

    Tendering Strategies, 1st edition

    This guidance note summarises what tendering is and how tendering processes are used to establish a contract price. It also reviews different types of tendering and negotiation strategies and their advantages and disadvantages. It seeks to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the tendering and negotiation processes involved in procurement.

  • Quantity surveying & construction

    Termination of Contract, Corporate Recovery and Insolvency, 1st edition

    Reviews termination of contract, corporate recovery and insolvency primarily from the perspective of a chartered surveyor with a commensurate level of specialism.

  • Rural

    Terms of engagement: Rural estate management services

    This guidance note explains matters which should be considered by the agent and the client in order to complete the model agreement for the provision of rural estate management services.

  • Valuation

    The Contractor's Basis of valuation for rating purposes, 2nd edition

    This guidance note is intended to be applicable for Contractor’s Basis rating valuations effective from 1 April 2017 and thereafter. The purpose of this guidance note is to aid the understanding of the Contractor’s Basis for the general rating practitioner while providing a common framework of the basis for the more experienced practitioner.

  • Infrastructure

    The informed infrastructure client, 1st edition

    This guidance note is intended for RICS members practising in the infrastructure sector, either providing services to an infrastructure client or working within an infrastructure client organisation.

  • Residential property

    The Mundic Problem, 3rd edition

    Provides guidance for surveyors and other professionals likely to encounter cases of mundic in the south west of England. It outlines a rationale for the classification of samples to help lenders distinguish between those properties accepted as mortgageable and those that are not. It also details developments in the testing of concrete samples for evidence of mundic.

  • Quantity surveying & construction

    The role of the commercial manager in infrastructure

    This RICS guidance note sets out how the role of the commercial manager is both expanding and deepening in the fast evolving field of infrastructure. It describes how the commercial manager should bring professional skill and influence through the infrastructure project lifecycle and demonstrates the importance of understanding and translating the investment case into disciplined processes; recognising the impact of scale and the uniqueness of engineering not seen elsewhere in general practice, and tailoring the approach to cost, risk and engaging the supply chain.

  • Residential property

    The valuation of-buy-to-let properties and HMO properties, 1st edition

    The rapid expansion of buy-to-let has created significant challenges for valuers in this market and the purpose of this guidance note is to provide sufficient background information and guidance to ensure consistency in the
    assessment of residential investment properties ranging from single units to houses in multiple occupation and multi-unit blocks. The guidance is applicable to valuers who are instructed by lenders and private clients.

  • Commercial property

    UK commercial real estate agency, 1st edition

    With the increased focus on the need for ethical practice and transparency in the commercial property market, this professional statement sets out clearly the responsibilities of commercial property agents to ensure they are working to the highest ethical and professional standards.

  • Estate agency

    UK Residential Real Estate Agency, 6th edition

    With the increased focus on the need for ethical practice and transparency in the residential property market this RICS professional statement sets out clearly the responsibilities of residential property agents to ensure they are working to the highest ethical and professional standards.

  • Valuation

    Valuation of Data Centres, 1st edition

    Including a glossary of relevant terms, this note offers guidance for valuers who are instructed to provide market value, or market rent, for properties used as data centres.

  • Valuation

    Valuation of development land, 1st edition - Current, pending update

    This paper discusses the valuation of property where the proposed development is of a cleared or greenfield site, or where all existing buildings on a site will be removed in order to construct new ones.

  • Valuation

    Valuation of Individual New-Build Homes, 2nd edition

    Written specifically for use within the UK, this guidance assists valuers in the valuation of new-build properties.

  • Valuation

    Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights, 1st edition

    This guidance note covers the valuation of intellectual property (IP), a subset of intangible assets. Its purpose is to expand on the IVS 2013 and the Red Book in order to clarify the legal, functional and economic characteristics of IP valuers should consider and report on in an IP valuation.

  • Affordable housing

    Valuation of Land for Affordable Housing Scotland, 1st edition

    Aims to inform the valuer’s approach to the valuation of land for sites in Scotland where there is a requirement to provide affordable housing or where the provider of affordable housing is seeking grant finance from the Scottish government.

  • Valuation

    Valuation of Land for Affordable Housing, 2nd edition

    This guidance note aims to assist practitioners in the approach to the valuation of affordable housing development land. The focus is on the valuation of land for housing and flats but the principles are broadly adaptable for other types of affordable housing, such as special needs and sheltered housing accommodation.

  • Valuation

    Valuation of Medical Centres and Surgery Premises, 2nd edition

    Valuation of medical centres and surgery premises, 2nd edition, is concerned with the valuation of surgery premises, including all medical centres and surgeries occupied by doctors and other similar practitioners for medical or health services.

  • Minerals & waste

    Valuation of Mineral-bearing Land and Waste Management Sites, 2nd edition

    This guidance note is a global revision of the first edition guidance note published in 2011. It identifies additional matters that valuers need to take into account when valuing natural resource wasting assets, such as mineral deposits, landfill and waste disposal sites.

  • Rural

    Valuation of Woodlands, 1st edition

    Aiming to assist valuers, this guidance highlights the main factors that impact the market value of woodlands and addresses some of the more complex issues that might arise in the assessment of such an asset.

  • Project management

    Value Management and Value Engineering, 1st edition

    This note introduces the concepts of value management and value engineering in relation to construction projects and to the role of the chartered surveyor.

  • Quantity surveying & construction

    Valuing Change, 1st edition

    This guidance note summarises what is meant by ‘change’ and how it is valued under JCT, NEC and FIDIC forms of contract.

  • Geomatics

    Vertical Aerial Photography and Digital Imagery, 5th edition

    By advising on best practice, this guidance is intended to assist all those connected with the request, purchase and production of surveys and mapping material.

  • Sustainability

    Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment, 1st edition

    This guidance mandates a whole life approach to reducing carbon emissions within the built environment. It sets out specific mandatory principles and supporting guidance for the interpretation and implementation of EN 15978 methodology.