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Adjudication Services

Adjudication Services

Adjudication is a simple and efficient method of resolving disputes. An adjudicator is an expert who decides a dispute using specialist expertise.

An adjudicator will base their decisions on the results of their own personal investigations; this is likely to include an inspection of the works. An adjudicator will consider matters brought to their attention by the parties, but they are not bound by them and will come to their own decisions.

The objective of the adjudication procedure is to resolve the dispute within 28 days from the day an application for the appointment of an adjudicator is received.

Advantages of Adjudication

  • Quick: Adjudication is usually regulated by a strict timetable that ensures decisions are made quickly; the statutory provision within the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 states that the adjudicator shall make the decision within 28 days of their appointment.
  • Cost-efficient and maintains working relationships: As either party can submit a Notice of Adjudication at any time (even within the duration of the project giving rise to the dispute), the strict timescales allow disputes to be resolved as and when they arise, avoiding unnecessary tensions and costs.
  • Avoid delays: An adjudicator’s decision is binding and must be complied with strictly in accordance with the provisions within the decision. Although the decision binds the parties, it is not necessarily final and may be revisited in another forum (such as arbitration or in a court of law) at a later date by application of either party. This has the advantage of allowing works to continue until the matter is resolved.

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Construction Adjudication

Most forms of construction contract, particularly standard form contracts, provide for adjudication. If a construction contract does not provide for adjudication, then Section 108, Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (the Act) gives any party to a construction contract a statutory right to have a dispute decided by an adjudicator.

RICS is an Adjudicator Nominating Body (ANB). RICS may be named in a contract as the nominator of an adjudicator. Alternatively, the referring party may unilaterally decide to apply to RICS to nominate an adjudicator in the absence (or unavailability) of any particular nominator or ANB being named in the contract.

We will nominate an adjudicator within five days of receiving the application (including weekends but excluding bank holidays).

To apply for the appointment of an adjudicator in a Construction Adjudication matter, please complete and return the DRS2C Construction Adjudication application form. There is an application fee of £425 inclusive of VAT for RICS DRS to nominate an adjudicator.

Download the application form

Homeowner Adjudication

We are able to appoint adjudicators in connection with the JCT Building Contract for home owner/occupier(s). We will appoint an adjudicator who is an expert able to make a decision on the dispute using specialist expertise.

Once we receive your application, we will normally appoint an adjudicator within seven days (including weekends but excluding bank holidays). Once we have appointed an adjudicator, they will reach their decision with 21 days (including weekends but not bank holidays). In many cases, the adjudicator will make the decision sooner, particularly if the dispute is straightforward.

To apply for the appointment of an adjudicator in a Homeowner Adjudication matter, please complete and return the DRS2HA Homeowner Adjudication application form.

Download the application form

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