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Assessment results

Assessment results

Congratulations to all new Associates, Chartered Surveyors and Fellows.

A career in surveying offers a unique set of challenges and rewards and the range of opportunities open to surveyors is vast. Your status is a passport to jobs and markets that many other professions simply do not have access to.

Now, more than ever, clients are looking for greater certainty around professional standards and ethics, as well as the very best technical advice and guidance, lateral thinking and the skills to solve problems. Our focus is on achieving recognition of RICS and RICS’ standards in our world markets. We are in a unique position; establishing a global professional presence across land, property and construction is a realistic long-term ambition.

Our newly qualified professionals will go on to shape the world we live in. So, to all new members, we wish you a long and prosperous career.

New RICS professionals by region