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Gender pay report

We believe that inclusion and diversity are critical to the success of our organisation and to the future of our profession. This commitment is not only central to our values, it is also key to our vision as a global professional body shaping the built and natural environments.

Consistent with our 2017 Gender Pay Gap report, our 2018 analysis reveals that RICS faces a 'gender role gap' challenge, characterised by a higher number of men than women in senior roles. This is different from equal pay, which seeks to ensure that men and women receive equal rewards for equal work. We take regular action to ensure equal pay through audits of our pay policies and practices.

The report outlines some of the actions we are taking, not just in the UK but across our global workforce to improve our gender balance at senior levels. We are committed to further embedding inclusivity and equity into our culture and all talent practices while supporting advancements in this area within our broader industry and professional membership.

We are confident that our continued actions will make the impact we seek, bringing about a more balanced and diverse workforce at all levels.

Lory Paterson - staff
Lory Paterson - staff

When I joined RICS 11 years ago, I was a mother of three young children looking for greater flexibility. Since that time, I have transitioned from part to full-time, have taken on increasingly senior and market-facing roles, and my responsibilities have expanded in scope from country to regional and to now global. Today, I'm responsible for leading RICS' flagship thought leadership initiative.

Lory Paterson
Global Director of Sales & Marketing, World Built Environment Forum

At RICS, we are doing our utmost to promote diversity and inclusion in a profession traditionally dominated by males. We are pleased to see an increasing number of young, female professionals joining the industry and taking on senior leadership roles, and I feel privileged for the opportunity to help drive this change both within the organisation and externally.

Clare Chiu
Chief Operating Officer, Greater China

Clare Chiu - Staff
Clare Chiu - Staff