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Real Estate Lifecycle Certification

Real Estate Lifecycle Certification

Demonstrate your understanding of the Real Estate Lifecycle.

The real estate lifecycle relies on RICS’ and many other professionals. This certification recognises the role that they all perform.

RICS, through our qualified professionals, are best placed to advise across the real estate lifecycle from planning and acquisition to construction and occupation. However, there are other significant agents and advisors involved that affect a successful real estate market.

The RICS Real Estate Lifecycle Certification provides a thorough training and assessment programme ensuring individuals understand all functions of the real estate market and the role that RICS, our standards and professionals, perform in the market.

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Who is it for?

Established service providers working within the real estate market that complement, support or rely upon professionals in the land, property and construction industries. The primary functions of these service providers are in corporate (financial and legal), operational (HR and marketing), and statutory (public sector) services.

Many financial, legal, HR and marketing professionals are deeply involved in the built environment either working within the industry itself, providing related legal advice, investing or lending, or as clients, suppliers, business associates or colleagues of RICS professionals. These professionals perform an integral role throughout the real estate lifecycle and there is existing demand from these professionals to better understand the real estate sector.

Through recognising these individuals and their contribution to the real estate market we can create greater market confidence in real estate and drive greater adoption of the RICS standards and professionalism already recognised in the market.

"We are committed to supporting the real estate sector as it works to address the shortfall in the supply of homes and many other important issues. By working with RICS to invest in upskilling our specialist teams across the country, we will be able to provide more informed support to our clients in the sector."

Amanda Dorel
Head of Real Estate SME, Lloyds Banking Group

Why become RICS Certified in the Real Estate Lifecycle?

Gaining certification will provide recognition of an understanding of the real estate market, a knowledge of recognised RICS standards and a commitment to continuing professional development in real estate.


  • The role of the RICS and its professionals

    An introduction to RICS - its functions, professional members, standards, and the regulatory framework developed to ensure public confidence and a high standard of professional practice

    Introduction to the real estate lifecycle

    An understanding of the real estate lifecycle, the main elements of each stage, and the benefits of taking a whole lifecycle approach to managing real estate assets


    The drivers behind acquisition of land/property and the impact of valuation in the decision making process


    Factors behind the decision to develop new property - the market analysis, planning considerations and viability of development proposals


    The process of developing real estate


    The principles of asset managing real estate assets once they become occupied

    RICS professional ethics

    An overview of the ethical standards placed on RICS professionals

  • On completion of the training, individuals will be assessed by a 75-minute online exam.

  • On passing the assessment, individuals will be identified as RICS Certified in Real Estate Lifecycle and will be committed to the following:

    • Recognising RICS professional standards
    • Completion of annual CPD
    • Reassessment every three years

Commercial property

Online Training

Training and assessment available from £775 + VAT

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