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10 AUG 2018

RICS welcomes over 70 newly qualified professionals in CEE

We welcome over 70 newly qualified professionals in Central & Eastern Europe as a result of membership assessments held in Bucharest, Budapest, Prague and for the first time in Sofia.

We congratulate on their achievement. In our changing world, RICS professionals will help creating innovative solutions to meet new demands of the built and natural environments.

Meet the new professionals:

Antohe, Nicoleta Valuation Romania
Barisic, Ivan Project Management Croatia
Bognar, Tunde Commercial Property Hungary
Botos, Balint Property Finance and Investment Hungary
Brehuescu, Lorena Valuation Romania
Cakarevic, Ivan Management Consultancy Montenegro
Cazacu, Loredana Facilities Management Romania
Chear, Mihnea Project Management Romania
Ciobanu, Florin Facilities Management Romania
Dinu, Violeta Quantity Surveying & Construction Romania
Djozic, Armin Valuation Bosnia And Herzegovina
Dumitrescu, Bogdan Quantity Surveying & Construction Romania
Dumitrescu, Mihai Valuation Romania
Farkas, Tamas Property Finance and Investment Hungary
Fazekas, Timea Project Management Hungary
Fien, Ethan Valuation Hungary
Fridrich, Marian Property Finance and Investment Slovakia
Georgiev, Georgi Valuation Bulgaria
Georgieva, Marina Valuation Bulgaria
Gereben, Matyas Management Consultancy Hungary
Gheorghe, Ciprian Valuation Romania
Gratczer, Anita Valuation Hungary
Grujic, Uros Management Consultancy Serbia
Gyertyanfy, Miklos Commercial Property Hungary
Holec, Jakub Commercial Property Czech Republic
Horvatić, Siniša Facilities Management Croatia
Hromkova, Ivana Commercial Property Czech Republic
Ikonomi, Kliton Management Consultancy Albania
Ilinoiu, George Quantity Surveying & Construction Romania
Ionescu, Alexandru Valuation Romania
Ionescu, Radu Management Consultancy Romania
Ivanov, Andrey Valuation of Businesses and Intangible Assets Bulgaria
Jones, Richard Management Consultancy Czech Republic
Jovanovic, Petar Valuation Serbia
Kecskemeti, Laszlo Project Management Hungary
Kigyossy, Ors Planning & Development Hungary
Kohoutek, Jan Commercial Property Czech Republic
Kosseva, Tanya Commercial Property Bulgaria
Kovacova, Jana Valuation Slovakia
Kubinyi, Gaspar Valuation Hungary
Makkonen, Lucie Facilities Management Czech Republic
Mandic, Srdjan Project Management Serbia
Manea, Catalina Valuation Romania
Marmilic, Marko Commercial Property Croatia
Martinovic, Jovana Valuation Serbia
Marx, Akos Project Management Hungary
Mihalyfi, Marcell Commercial Property Hungary
Milodin, Cristian Quantity Surveying & Construction Romania
Mocancea, Valentin Project Management Romania
Nechita, Mihaela Quantity Surveying & Construction Romania
Nedeljkovic, Danijela Valuation Serbia
Nemeth, Peter Planning & Development Hungary
Nevolnik, Juraj Commercial Property Slovakia
Odor, Daniel Management Consultancy Hungary
Ondrasek, Viktor Facilities Management Slovakia
Ovesná, Hana Planning & Development Slovakia
Papai, Dorottya Valuation Hungary
Paraschiv, Sorin Quantity Surveying & Construction Romania
Peris, Nenad Commercial Property Croatia
Perkovic, Tomislav Valuation Croatia
Pirjan, Cristina Quantity Surveying & Construction Romania
Pohl, Marek Valuation Czech Republic
Prochazka, Matyas Facilities Management Czech Republic
Radu, Cristian Project Management Romania
Saracco, Stephen Management Consultancy Hungary
Senic, Zoran Valuation of Businesses and Intangible Assets Montenegro
Skodacek, Miroslav Valuation Slovakia
Stancheva, Valentina Management Consultancy Bulgaria
Stoian, Ana-Maria Valuation Romania
Strycek, Petr Commercial Property Czech Republic
Susa, Renata Valuation Croatia
Tirpintiris, Athanasios Commercial Property Romania
Tunaru, Raluca Quantity Surveying & Construction Romania
Uros Gregorec, Lea Commercial Property Croatia
Veteanu, Cristian Valuation Romania
Volf, Jiri Property Finance and Investment Czech Republic
Wray, Louise Commercial Property Czech Republic

Need info on the RICS qualification in CEE?

Ask Anna Orcsik, Regional Manager, RICS CEE (excl. Poland) on