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28 APR 2018

The roles of employers in the motivation of the quantity surveyors

This research investigates the roles of employers in the quantity surveyors’ motivation towards improvement of job performance in Malaysian construction industry.

The subject of employees’ motivation is important as it is the key to high performance, especially in the construction industry, since the industry is related to human management.

It is important to maintain the quality of the employees by sustaining and improving the motivation level of the employees in carrying their roles. However, due to the uncertain business environment and temporary nature of the construction industry, employers are unwilling to invest in motivating the employees. 

Two-hundred questionnaires were distributed and received feedback for a total of 71 questionnaires which then were analysed using descriptive and statistical analysis. The research findings indicate that, overall, quantity surveyors assigned to a good team and/ or having good teamwork by the employers, having superior who provides support to employees, been assigned to the tasks that are suitable to the capability of the employees, and having a good leadership and skilled superiors, are among the roles of employers desired by the surveyed employees.

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