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RICS in Australasia

RICS in Australasia

Our Australasia operations are based in Sydney, with offices also in Brisbane and Auckland, New Zealand.

Our role within the Australasia property sector is to maintain the highest standards of education and training, protect consumers through regulation of ethics and standards, and to advise organisations such as governments and regional boards.

RICS professionals work in land, construction and property. Land surveyors in Australia and New Zealand are compulsorily regulated by surveyor boards which form part of the Council of Reciprocating Surveyors Boards of Australia and New Zealand (CRSBANZ).

Within RICS Australia there are six local regions, all actively involved in providing member services including research and best practice information, CPD events, APC workshops, APC councillors, Assessors and qualification, and brand promotion.

We play a developing role within the professional and business community, working with federal and state government, educational institutions and the Australian media.

Qualified professionals and candidtates undertaking APC are fully supported in New Zealand by CPD events and networking opportunities.

RICS offices in Australasia


The Generator, Level 1
Stanbeth House
28 Customs Street East
New Zealand


Level 7, 127 Creek Street
t 1300 953 459


Suite 1, Level 9
1 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
t +61 2 9216 2333