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Conference papers

28 APR 2018

Unmanned construction machinery: the legal implications

The world is currently experiencing a proliferation of automated technologies in all areas of modern life. The general press widely reports on the rising use of ‘drones ‘and the emergence of automated cars on our roads. Similarly, sensational stories associated with drones and automated cars regularly make the news.

The focus of this paper is twofold, the first aim is to review the literature relating to both the more common automated technologies as well as the least researched of the automated technologies, that of automated construction machinery. The second aim consequently is to briefly review the possible legal implications of using automated construction machinery, for instance what could be a possible result where death or injury results.

The construction industry is also an area where automated technology is of interest and current research, due to its potential to derive significant economic savings and improvements in safety and productivity. Yet, in all these automated technology realms, there is an important issue that is not widely understood; that is the legal and regulatory aspects. The results of this review paper will therefore provide relevant information to inform construction workers and construction automated technology researchers and developers alike.

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