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19 SEP 2018

Crossing the threshold: Sustainable digitalisation in real estate & cities

In partnership with Morphosis, we have launched a tool for action that redefines sustainability in response to the opportunities and risks of digital technologies.

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Crossing the Threshold presents digitalisation as a megatrend, sitting alongside urbanisation, globalisation, climate change and others — one that is reshaping our world and redefining the global sustainability agenda. It outlines the opportunities and challenges emerging for the property industry, ensuring digital innovation is sustainably and ethically implemented.

Endorsed by the City of Sydney, Mirvac, Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA), and Property Council of Australia (PCA), Crossing the Threshold is written with creators, owners, occupiers and operators of real estate and cities in mind.

Through our Future of the Profession consultation, we are looking at the trends within the marketplace for insight into how our profession must adapt to continue serving the public interest in decades to come. Crossing the Threshold helps us all to provide leadership in an area fundamental to future success and prosperity. It reminds us to put ethics at the heart of our decision making. In so doing, we serve the interests of today’s society and those of future generations in equal measure.

Chris Nicholl FRICS
Managing Director Southeast Asia, Australasia and Japan, RICS

Crossing the Threshold presents 24 Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) issues under six digitalisation-driven ‘transformations’, each with significant implications for real estate and cities within the next 10 years:

  1. Optimised performance: Transformation of the operation of buildings, cities and market.
  2. Reworked labour: Transformation of the labour force.
  3. Exposed business: Transformation of the public exposure of organisations.
  4. Liberated developments: Transformation of development and construction.
  5. Reinvented streets: Transformation of urban mobility and form.
  6. Troubled minds: Transformation of the human experience.

The primer is designed to start the conversation — calling upon the real estate sector to set the standard for sustainable digitalisation, building on its leading work in sustainability.

Digitalisation offers extraordinary benefits, but it is a double-edged sword. To date, innovators, implementers and users of digital technologies have largely focused on one edge of the sword — the benefits — without adequately considering the risks such technologies present to the environment, society and governance.

Simon Carter
Author of Crossing the Threshold and Managing Director, Morphosis

About Morphosis

Morphosis is a corporate sustainability strategy practice specialising in the real estate sector in Australia and internationally. Founded by Simon Carter in 2008, Morphosis works with listed and private property groups, fund managers, companies outside of the property sector and governments.

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