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28 FEB 2018

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Governing Council election result: strategic seat for land.

David Sandbrook has been elected to sit on RICS’ Transitionary Governing Council for the strategic seat for land after a vote held among the RICS global membership.

Number of eligible voters 110,758
Total number of votes cast 5,041
Turnout 4.6%
Total number of votes found to be invalid 1
Total number of valid votes to be counted 5,040

The election was managed on behalf of RICS by Electoral Reform Services. Electoral Reform Services confirm that, as far as reasonably practicable, every person whose name appeared on the electoral roll supplied by RICS for the purpose of the election:

a) was sent the details of the election and
b) if they chose to participate in the election, had their vote fairly and accurately recorded

All voting material will be stored for 12 months.

The full voting figures, as supplied by Electoral Reform Services, can be downloaded from this page. “Number of votes found to be blank” in the votes cast for each seat should be regarded as voters that cast their votes for other seats but chose not to vote in that particular seat.

Composition of the new Transitionary Governing Council from 8 November 2017

  • 34 seats in total  23 of which will be elected
  • 17 UK seats
  • Nine nominated seats covering different markets
  • Six strategic seats
  • Two seats for the President and President-Elect

What does Governing Council do?

Governing Council sets the vision and strategy for a strong and successful profession. In doing so, it recognises that the profession is central to building and shaping the world around us for future generations and it has recently set out our ambitious strategy: “through our credential and our professional standards we will create confidence in markets and be known for affecting positive change in the built and natural environments."

Find out more about Governing Council

As part of preparing for this future, Governing Council has reviewed its own role and structure to ensure that the profession has the appropriate leadership and governance it needs to meet this challenge.