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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Operationalising the bellagio stamp

This paper operationalises the Bellagio STAMP using the BREEAM Communities; LEED ND V4; PCRS; and the Green Star Communities. This is with the aim of arguing for a consensus approach to Sustainability Assessment at the neighbourhood level. Coupled with this, is to critically review if these selected assessment frameworks could lead to more sustainable neighbourhoods as envisaged.

The 21st century has heralded a plethora of Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment Frameworks through which a proposed neighbourhood development can be evaluated against an array of Sustainability Indicators (SIs). As these assessment tools continue to become the definition of a sustainable neighbourhood in different context due to their wide acceptance, it is essential to establish a global methodological framework for Sustainability Assessment at the neighbourhood level.

Findings from the study revealed that some of the selected assessment tools align partially with the Bellagio STAMP in their development as discussed in the paper. This study recommends that the Bellagio STAMP could be adopted to offer helpful guidelines and procedure in conceptualising Sustainability Assessment at the Neighbourhood level especially in developing countries where such a framework is yet to be conceived.

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