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17 MAI 2018

RICS takes the lead on global issues affecting society – WBEF highlights

Last April, the World Built Environment Forum Summit was a place for challenge and new direction.

Four years ago, RICS saw our industry needed an inclusive platform to help address the big challenges which loom over the built environment, one that would bring together all the players, innovators and influencers. So, we convened the World Built Environment Forum, a network and meeting place of leading industry thinkers with a common goal: to realise the enormous potential of the 21st century's people and places.

The London WBEF Summit brought together over 1,000 delegates from 40 different countries and some of the sharpest minds to help us understand and navigate the trials which lie ahead. New conversations were had, connections made, and ideas blossomed. It was a true example of how bringing together a diverse range of thought and faces can help generate bold and innovative solutions. Trend-setting C-suite stars, visionary thinkers, global disruptors, heavyweight investors and city leaders came together under a single, ground breaking programme. Together, they told a new, positive story about the future of the built environment and how we can make it happen.

The Summit brought some important conclusions to bear in mind. For example, an overwhelming majority of participants voted that the sector should be more focused on the future needs of “people” (vs. cities and buildings), also that we needed to revisit the skills we offer to future and existing professionals alike, as technology and new business models will reshape our way of working and above all, that we need ethics-based standards in the built environment, in particular, for data handling, to enable trust.

At the same time, the event has been also a turning point in RICS direction, as the World Built Environment Forum is changing people’s perception about who we are and what we stand for. Precisely after 150 years of existence, RICS is repositioning itself and gaining credibility worldwide. In continental Europe, apart from hundreds of headlines in the press and great discussions on social media about how thought leaders should cope with new big societal challenges affecting the places where we live, the Summit served as a vehicle to position RICS as an enabler of change and a 21st century’s global professional body with a new role to play for the public good.

Be part of this Global Forum

While the London Summit is over, the Forum is an ongoing and open platform to debate around the issues and developments affecting the built environment and therefore affecting you as a professional and as a citizen. Stay updated with the latest insights from the forum and announcements on the upcoming summit and help us strengthen the network, joining now:

Remember that our next meeting point will be next year at the World Built Environment Forum Summit in New York, where our focus will be on the changing nature of work and its profound impact on urbanisation. We will also pay special attention to how we can accelerate the flow of capital into green assets and seize the opportunities of a low carbon economy.

You can follow:  #WBEF Twitter and engage with @RICS_Europe.

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