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21 AOÛT 2018

The Delta X convinced the regional jury

Tijmen Dekkers, regional winner of the competition Cities For Our Future, has developed the Delta X.

The Delta X is a construction that captures and filters rainwater and is extremely strong, yet cheap and easy to build. A lack of access to clean water affects more than one billion people globally, according to the WWF. The Delta X is made from aluminium, can be designed in any length, depth and width and can be erected in just one day. It uses a hydraulic system to pump and filter water and a digital monitoring system to measure the quantity and purity of the water.

In addition to Tijmen Dekker, the following European participants were nominated:

Aitor López from Spain suggested creating more green spaces in Milan by using streets differently and reducing parking space. Aitor López proposed a system of re-organizing the streets to create a more nature-like environment inside the city, focusing on changing the parking space to green spaces where the citizens can expend time. The city will be re-arranged into triangular superblocks with plenty of pedestrian space, goods will be hauled nocturnally via autonomous cars. The transportation system will be founded in the concept of autonomous cars, and the possibilities that driverless devices open.

Tijmen Dekkers continues to the worldwide final. He will now be paired with a relevant RICS professional who will mentor him and help develop his idea ready for the global judging process, which commences in October.

Clean water is a basic human need, yet huge numbers of people don’t have access to it. The Delta X will change this. By capturing and filtering rainwater it can turn a city’s rainfall into a supply of clean water. Its unique design makes it a practical, multifunctional and cost-effective option for any city in the most extreme conditions.

Tijmen Dekkers