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RICS 150

24 NOV. 2017

Frank Lund: Rotary water purification

Frank Lund FRICS and two associates, Geoff Witcom and John MacDonald, are the men behind the revolutionary Aquabox. The distinctive blue boxes, launched in 1992 with Rotary International, are packed full of humanitarian aid items and sent to victims of human conflict and natural disasters worldwide.

The genius behind the aquabox, Frank’s idea and design, is that once they are emptied of their contents, they can be reused for filtering water. One community-sized filter system can produce an impressive six litres of clean water per minute, which means that over its lifespan the Aquabox can produce a million litres of water.

Global distribution

To date, over 110,000 containers have been distributed across the globe to those most in need.

As a result of his work, Frank has helped supply clean water to communities in The Philippines, Cameroon, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Mexico, India, Haiti, Somalia, Peru and, most recently, Syria.

His outstanding contributions to Rotary International, and society at a large, have not been unrecognised; in both 1998/9 and 2005/6 the Foundation awarded Frank, Geoff and John special honours. This ingenuity and commitment to using his skills as a surveyor for the benefit of those in need make Frank a deserved member of the Pride in the Profession celebration.