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Conference papers

29 AVR. 2018

Factors influencing construction productivity in South African provinces

The South African government has evolved diverse policies to enhance the competitiveness of South African construction organisations. Not with standing these policies, there are long lasting productivity challenges confronting the South African construction sector in which there is evidence to establish the existence of these challenges. To address this issue, this research identifies the underlying factors that contribute to poor productivity on South African construction projects.

A sample of 664 contractors that are registered with the CIDB (Grades 5-9) in four South African provinces was surveyed. The data obtained from respondents was analysed with Microsoft Excel while a measure of central tendency in the form of a mean score (MS) was used to rank factors.

It was determined that inadequate workers’ skills, poor leadership, political activities resulting in industrial action, low education level of workers, and inadequate contractors’ experience in project planning are typical construction productivity influencing factors in the four provinces.

Addressing these key areas would contribute to improving productivity in South African construction, while productivity improvement would further enhance the satisfaction of construction stakeholders, and ultimately contribute to South African economic development.

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