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20 MAR 2018

When age is no barrier to a successful surveying career

To successfully navigate through the APC process and become an RICS qualified professional takes hard work and commitment. The chartered status candidates receive after successfully passing their APC acts as a passport to jobs and markets many others may not have access to.

We spoke to two newly elected professionals, to understand why they wanted to become a chartered surveyor at different stages of their career.

Shyam Visavadia

Working as a project manager at Faithful+Gould, Shyam provides technical expertise to a range of clients across the UAE.

Why did you want to become a chartered surveyor?

As a professional working within the built environment, it is essential that I can demonstrate my knowledge, ability and competence through a global professional quality mark. RICS is a reputable membership body that evokes confidence to employer’s clients and other stakeholders. The qualification shows that you work professionally and ethically to standards of excellent quality.

As a young professional, how does becoming chartered add value to your career?

As a young person, it reassures me that I am part of an organisation that can reinforce and bolster my potential future career. The battle for talent across the world is fierce, and being part of a reputable organisation like RICS, will help me to strengthen my position both personally and professionally. It will open me to new networks and hopefully opportunities. Overall, my chartership has become a milestone in my career, and I am excited about the opportunities ahead.

Mahesh Butani 

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Mahesh is a contracts manager for Idroesse Infrastructure Middle East.

What value does becoming chartered add to your career? 

The chartered status has increased my employment prospects even in a down market, especially with companies that understand the importance of a professional qualification. Also, it has taken me closer to my goal of setting up my professional practice in the near future. I am part of a network of thousands of professionals, and this gives me exposure to opportunities for career enhancement.

How does it feel to obtain chartered status at this stage of your career? 

I have a sense of achievement and fulfilment receiving the MRICS especially since I was successful after several attempts. I do however regret not attempting this earlier in my career. I am now more confident of my prospects, and I have a heightened sense of job security. I feel enlightened with the knowledge of so many competencies that I acquired along the way.

What advice would you give other candidates who are considering starting their APC later on in their career? 

My recommendation to all aspiring APC candidates would be to take the first step and register, irrespective of the time constraints, or self-doubt. The whole APC process will significantly enhance your understanding of the entire universe of QS activities, encourage you to seek knowledge and experience in the required competencies. The process of learning will transform you into a refined, methodical and enhanced professional extending the same to your personal lives as well, even before you achieve the coveted chartered status.

There are currently over 4,500 members in the Middle East and the number continues to grow.  With offices in Dubai and Qatar, our teams are on and to support candidates through the APC process. If you're interested in gaining chartered status, or have questions about the APC process please contact us.