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Vote on the Special Resolution to amend the RICS Royal Charter and Bye-Laws

We asked the profession to vote for a modernised, future-facing governance fit for a 21st century professional body. The Electoral Reform Services (ERS) have scrutinised and certified the vote, results of which were announced at the AGM on 27 November. Voter turnout was 11%, with 86% voting in favour.

Therefore, the proposals to change have been approved and this matter will now be referred to the Privy Council for formal approval. This is a positive step forward for the organisation as it allows RICS to be appropriately structured to continue building a global professional body ready to equip the profession for the challenges and opportunities ahead. This will enable RICS to meet the changing expectations of stakeholders, clients and the wider public.

Governing Council will now move forward to advance plans for the second phase of governance reforms and will ensure that the profession is kept informed as the plans advance. These reforms will require a further vote by the profession at some stage in 2019. More detail to follow.

Watch our 2018 AGM

The RICS 2018 Annual General Meeting took place in Hong Kong on Tuesday 27 November 2018.

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