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27 MAY 2018

Cautionary CPD tales: results from recent panel hearings

Ilana Rosenzweig

Ilana Rosenzweig

Head of Regulation, Asia Pacific

Singapore, Singapore


All RICS professionals must undertake and record a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activity each calendar year. Failure to comply with this requirement can have serious ramifications. See what happened to several professionals in 2018 below and learn how to easily avoid the same happening to you in the future.

Here are the top-line figures of 2018 so far:

  • 26 RICS professionals in Asia Pacific have faced disciplinary panel hearings for failure to comply with CPD requirements
  • the panels have expelled 20 professionals from RICS membership
  • three professionals received a reprimand and a fine, and were ordered to pay the cost of the hearing to RICS
  • three other professionals were allowed to continue with their RICS membership with conditions on those memberships, and also ordered to pay the cost of the hearing. If any of these professional fail to meet the conditions, they will be automatically expelled from RICS membership.

We are pleased to say that the vast majority of RICS professionals in Asia Pacific do meet their CPD obligations every year, in fact, 96% met their 2017 CPD obligations. However, these figures do demonstrate the importance of CPD and the priority the Conduct & Appeals Committee's panels place on compliance.

What can happen if you don’t complete CPD

Rule 6 of the RICS Rules of Conduct states that professionals must comply with RICS’ requirements for continuing professional development. Professionals are subjected to escalating disciplinary action if they continuously fail to meet requirements within a 10-year period:

First breach: fixed penalty caution

The professional will receive a caution for failing to meet CPD requirements for the first time.

Second breach: fixed penalty fine

A fixed penalty fine is issued when CPD requirements are not met for the second time within 10 years.

Third breach: referred to disciplinary panel

Failure to meet requirements for a third time will lead to a referral to a disciplinary panel that will decide appropriate penalties, including expulsion from RICS membership (with a published decision).

The importance of CPD

CPD is one of the essential undertakings of an RICS professional  there is always more to learn. CPD is a beneficial tool for professionals to stay competent and provide the best possible service to their clients.

RICS professionals must undertake and record online a minimum of 20 hours of CPD each calendar year. Of the 20 hours, at least 10 hours must be formal CPD. All hours must be recorded online by 31 January the following year.

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Ilana Rosenzweig

Ilana Rosenzweig

Head of Regulation, Asia Pacific

Singapore, Singapore


Ilana is an experienced attorney with expertise in professional assurance, compliance, complex investigations, remediation of systemic deficiencies, risk management, litigation, and crisis management.

In the past, she conducted and oversaw internal investigations for two of the largest law enforcement agencies in the United States — the Chicago Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. She also launched and led Chicago Independent Police Review Authority, a one-of-a-kind civilian-staffed department with broad powers to investigate and impose discipline on police officers; investigate officer-involved shootings; and conduct criminal investigations of police officers to refer for state and federal prosecution.

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