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RICS 150

27 MAR 2018

Michael Moir FRICS: Jockey Club

Michael Moir, FRICS was one of Hong Kong’s most influential surveyors. He worked on several projects, including the renovation of the Jockey Club in 2010.

In the past Hong Kong maintained a culture of redeveloping buildings after a relatively short lifespan. Michael on the other hand has encouraged the maintenance and adaptation of existing buildings to meet modern day needs. Through projects led by him at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, he has developed a number of planning standards that have set the benchmark for longevity.

In 1978 Michael first arrived in Hong Kong and joined the Ove Arup design team for a new Mass Transit Railway project. He later moved to Swire Properties where he was the project manager for one of Hong Kong’s largest integrated mixed-used developments. After leaving Hong Kong for a decade, Michael returned in 2010 as Director of Property at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Michael has a strong respect for legacy assets which was best demonstrated at The Hong Kong Jockey Club. He led the re-engineering of the Club’s property development and management to address the challenges of adapting, expanding and maintaining the Club’s extensive legacy property portfolio. As one of Hong Kong’s most popular sports, these projects provided an essential upgrade to the outdated venue, helping turn the Club into a world-leading racing organisation.

Michael helped establish a framework, which adopts an international best practice approach to facilities management and has significantly improved the operational resilience of The Club’s assets. The systems that Michael implemented were tailored to fit the Club’s governance model and have since allowed the Club to complete a wide range of extensions, adaptations and refurbishments on time and budget. As the Club donates most of its operating surplus to their official charities, improvement of the properties assets has allowed the Club to continue generating funds for the community. In 2017 the Club donated HK$ 7.4 Billion (£680 million) to a range of charities.

Michael has also taken the leading role in the conservation and revitalisation of a cluster of Declared Monuments, comprising the former Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison, which is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

The planning standards that Michael developed during his work as Director of Property has set a benchmark in Hong Kong, moving away from a culture of rapid redevelopment and encouraging longevity through maintenance and adaptation of existing buildings.

In recognition for his career as a surveyor Michael was awarded the RICS Lifetime Achiever, Hong Kong Award in 2016.

Photo credit: Hong Kong Jockey Club