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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Delaying the tendering process of public works procurement in Ghana

Undue delay has caused poor performance in competitive tendering in Ghanaian public entities. In spite of this challenge, process timeliness has not received the needed attention in public works procurement in Ghana. Literature on the causes of delay in competitive tendering is scant with very little focus on the need to achieve process timeliness as a remedy to delays.

In this paper, the need to remedy delays by focusing on process time effectiveness as a significant performance indicator is established.

Literature was reviewed on the causes and effects of delays as well as performance indicators of the competitive tendering process. This was to establish the need to shift focus onto achieving process time effectiveness as a remedy for process delays.

A case study strategy was used to corroborate the findings from literature. The research established that, delay is the most significant factor causing poor performance of the competitive tendering process in Ghanaian public works procurement with process time effectiveness as the most significant performance indicator in same.

It was therefore concluded that, Ghanaian public entities can improve their competitive tendering process by reducing process delays through focusing their attention on process timeliness as the most significant performance indicator.