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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Public construction procurement: current practice in Turkey

This paper examines the existing legislation and current practice of public procurement in Turkey and construction procurement specifically. The paper presents useful information by giving necessary definitions, explaining principles and procedures, and providing related statistics.

In Turkey, public expenditure annually constitute about 12% of GDP. This public expenditure on goods, services, construction and consultancy services are carried out as public procurements within the scope of the Public Procurement Law. Under this law, construction procurements are specifically performed within the Regulation on Implementation of Construction Works Procurement.

When the 2016 statistics are examined, it is shown that by the year 2016 a total amount of 80.5 billion TL public procurements are made and, 30 billion TL of them are for construction. Thus, the contribution of construction procurement to the country’s economy is very important as it has a 37.2% share in public procurements.