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23 JUL 2018

BCIS forecasts for the FM sector

The BCIS five-year forecast for the facilities management sector shows maintenance costs rising 19% and cleaning costs by 26.7%.

Maintenance costs, as measured by the BCIS All-in Maintenance Cost Index, rose by 4.3% in the year to Q1 2018. The BCIS five-year forecast is for maintenance costs to rise by 4.1% to Q1 2019 and by a further 2.7% to Q1 2020. It is then forecast to rise by between 3.2% and 3.9% over the next three years.

Cleaning costs rose 4.8% in the year to Q1 2018, according to the BCIS Cleaning Cost Index. The BCIS forecast is for cleaning costs to rise by around 5% per annum over the next five years. The main influence on cleaning costs is labour. These costs will be influenced by the National Living Wage, which the government has indicated will increase by 25% between 2015 and 2020.

The BCIS maintenance cost and cleaning cost indices and forecasts, together with indices and forecasts for energy costs, are included in the BCIS Building Running Costs Online service.