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25 JUL 2018

Infrastructure materials cost pressures

Some materials prices in the infrastructure sector have risen in the first few months of 2018.

Gas oil fuel has seen the largest rise, at 9.7% between January and May, with DERV fuel rising 4.9%. Timber prices rose over 5% in the same period, while steel products including sheet steel piling, steel pipes, steel sections and structural steelwork, rose between 4% and 5%. Other materials prices that rose over 2% were precast concrete structural components, asphalt paving and sprinklers.

Overall, civil engineering costs rose 0.7% between January and May 2018, with large rises in some materials offset by slight falls, or no change, in others, and a small (0.2%) fall in labour costs.

BCIS materials cost May 2018
Civil Engineering Materials Price Rises

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