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11 JUL 2018

RICS Matrics Young Surveyor of the Year: taking a path less travelled

Ian Scott’s determination to advance the private rented sector (PRS) won him the Property Agency (Residential & Commercial) category at the RICS Matrics Young Surveyor of the Year awards.

Ian explains why specialising in a niche sector can help to boost your career.

Many of my contemporaries will have chosen to specialise in a well-established area of real estate or within another surveying discipline altogether. This approach has its advantages. However, you will be just one of many, making it hard to blaze a trail into exciting new territory. So, my recommendation is to be bold, and find a specialism you are really passionate about. For me that’s the PRS sector – I find it absolutely fascinating and full of opportunity.

Tips for early success

Be bold

Choose a path that’s less travelled. Before long, your experience of the market will exceed that of your peers, elevating you to source of trusted expertise.

Don’t procrastinate

Wisdom may come with age – I hope so – but never feel you are too young to undertake a challenge. Due to my work in PRS, I was promoted to the position of senior surveyor at the age of 23, the youngest person in my firm to do so.

Have confidence in your abilities

OK, so being over confident may hinder your career rather than help it, but nevertheless don’t shy away from experiences where you know you will excel.

Don’t be risk adverse

PRS is a less developed sector, so there are risks. But where there is risk there is opportunity. In my first 18 months at my company I transacted more than £110m on behalf of developers and institutional investors.

Keep learning

In just a few short years I developed a strong understanding of this market and have subsequently become one of the most knowledgeable PRS specialists outside London. But I recognise that I need to remain knowledgeable in order to stay on top of this ever-changing sector. I regularly set aside time to familiarise myself with standards and updates.

Act with integrity

We are ambassadors for our profession, so always provide a high standard of service and act in a way that promotes trust. Take responsibility for your own actions, and for those of your colleagues. 

Give something back

One of the most rewarding things about building up expertise is the ability to share it with others. I love to coach young surveyors, especially in the tricky fields of valuation and development.

Young Surveyor of the Year Awards 2018

The winners of each category will be announced at a ceremony in November 2018 in London: with the ultimate accolade of RICS Matrics Young Surveyor of the Year 2018 awarded to one of the category winners.