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26 APR 2018

Why is training important for Lloyds Bank’s Commercial Real Estate team?

In Commercial Real Estate, which forms part of the Global Corporates division at Lloyds Bank, they want to create the best customer experience, so it is critical that all their real estate colleagues are able to undertake the most relevant and effective training.

We caught up with the bank to hear how their customers are being delivered the best possible customer experience.

Forefront of evolving trends

As part of this training, which is focused on technical and market aspects, we have partnered with RICS to deliver an online bespoke training platform which has helped ensure two things.

Firstly, that we are at the forefront of evolving trends and practices and secondly that our relationship and credit teams are best placed when talking to customers. This helps colleagues to face the constantly evolving commercial and residential property market in the UK and gives them the ability to ask the right questions when speaking to customers.

Our training is implemented via a structured learning programme which aims to enhance our market and technical knowledge. This is done through a series of seminars delivered by external experts, workshops and masterclasses using a case study based learning approach as well as more hands-on learning such as site tours.

We also encourage colleagues to undertake short secondments with trusted surveyors, to enhance their understanding of how professionals formulate their advice to the Bank.


In order to make this programme relevant it must satisfy the training needs of our colleagues. At the beginning of each year we gather the team’s property learning requirements and draw up a 12-month delivery plan, which is continually reviewed based on evolving real estate trends.

RICS’ bespoke courses form a major part of this learning programme and have been created on subjects such as lease structures, rent reviews, lease re-gearing, lease renewals and methods of valuation. Each section culminates in a series of questions to help drive the key learning messages.

These courses greatly benefit our front-line teams when working with our customers in order to understand and be comfortable with their business plans and strategies. As a result, our teams are able to make better, more informed decisions.

Training in Commercial Real Estate is a continual process that aims to satisfy the needs of everyone from the initial training for new colleagues through to ongoing professional development for all.