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Exploring tech and future cities with Dr Simon Moores

The evolution of the city as an organism has fascinated and captured the imagination of land and built environmental professionals for decades. In the wake of rapid urbanisation and the unprecedented growth of megacities, the concept of a “smart city” has dominated global discourse

3 September 2017

Driving efficiencies, fostering sustainability and creating thriving, harmonious communities fit for future generations is at the heart of central and local government strategies worldwide.

Against this backdrop, we hosted a session on Future Cities. It began with Dr Simon Moores highlighting the brilliance and allure of the evolving urban eco-system, while ensuring the audience were more than acutely aware of the challenges and threats posed by such exponential growth.

Dr Moore’s was joined by experts who showcases the practical reality of their smart city vision and strategy.

Watch this session | Dr Simon Moores Futurologist & Disruptive Technologist


The panel for this session included the following. If these companies have regional representation in your area, please approach them to use this content on their respective sites.

  • Dr Simon Moores Futurologist & Disruptive Technologist
  • Cllr James Noakes from Liverpool City Council
  • Sarah Gonsalves, Head of Policy and Performance at Milton Keynes Council

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