Property Journal

We recognise that it is useful for property professionals who specialise in one area to keep an eye on what is happening in others.

Published six times a year, Property Journal brings together Commercial, Residential and Arts coverage in a combined format.

The journal contains high-quality technical material in clearly defined sections, as well as some material that crosses professional groups to reach a wider audience.

Recent isues of Property Journal from the past two years are available below. Earlier archive issues can be obtained from our Library (e

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  • Property Journal March–April 2018

    Property Journal March–April 2018

    These are exciting times at RICS, as we get into the swing of the organisation’s 150th birthday celebrations. But in this anniversary year, we also face the future.

  • Property Journal December 2017 – January 2018
    Commercial property

    Property Journal December 2017 – January 2018

    I recently had reason to pass through the Olympic Park, one of the inspiring green places mentioned in this issue of Property Journal by Kevin Joyce.

  • Property Journal October–November 2017
    Facilities management

    Property Journal October–November 2017

    Welcome to autumn, and the new issue of RICS Property Journal.

  • Property Journal July–August 2017
    Commercial property

    Property Journal July–August 2017

    The last few months have epitomised that the only constant is change – and this issue has a lot to say on the topic.

  • Property Journal May–June 2017
    Commercial property

    Property Journal May–June 2017

    The way most people search for a new home has changed radically since the rise of the internet, but most people in the UK still buy and sell through a high-street estate agent – how long will this remain the case? Can the low-fee online agent steal a march on their more traditional competitors?

  • Property Journal March–April 2017
    Commercial property

    Property Journal March–April 2017

    This issue brings together all kinds of everything concerning sustainability in the built environment, from the changing face of buildings in India to tips for improving energy usage in commercial property.

  • Property Journal December 2016 – January 2017
    Commercial property

    Property Journal December 2016 – January 2017

    If you were looking for two words to sum up 2016, conflict and change would fit the bill pretty well, provided you were limiting yourself to the more polite options.

  • Property Journal November 2016
    Commercial property

    Property Journal November 2016

    In uncertain times, working together and aligning values matters more than ever.

  • Property Journal September-October 2016
    Commercial property

    Property Journal September-October 2016

    There have been numerous fascinating property events this summer, offering plenty of opportunities for learning. A particularly noteworthy idea to emerge from these is that, soon, the data produced by buildings could be worth more than the bricks and mortar themselves. And data is in sharp focus in this issue of Property Journal, from getting the communication infrastructure right to crunching the numbers on workplace performance.

  • Property Journal July-August 2016
    Property management

    Property Journal July-August 2016

    This issue looks at our housing policy, as well as the benefits of cloud computing and online customer reviews. There are legal updates on mixed-use developments, the mental health needs of occupiers and visitors and NEC3 contracts. We continue our series on damp, offer a case study of a Passivhaus building and consider the widespread problem of forged and looted art.

  • Property Journal May-June 2016
    Property management

    Property Journal May-June 2016

    A new fiscal year has begun, with a rather changed environment in UK real estate as the Chancellor’s changes affect commercial investors and those with more than one home to their name. It was clearly a bumper few months in the housing market in the lead-up to 1 April as investors rushed in to beat the higher tax deadline, especially with super-fast purchases at auction.

  • Property Journal March-April 2016

    Property Journal March-April 2016

    It’s not often that the minutiae of property sales reach the public consciousness; but when it comes to money laundering, it’s a big story. People are understandably angered by the thought of ill-gotten gains being ploughed into property so others can profit from the transaction.