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RICS Real Estate Investment-Risk Management Summit 2019

The conference will delve into the global macroeconomic and difficulties shaping Hong Kong's investment landscape. We will explore how these risks are being managed by investment and risk departments within financial institutions.

Fri 29 Nov 2019
09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
Great room, 7/F, W Hotel, 1 Austin Road, West Kowloon, Hong Kong
7 hours CPD

Early bird is available until 25 October 2019



After a decade of expansion, Asia’s real estate markets are facing rising headwinds. Increases in barriers to trade, uncertainty and debt are all contributing headwinds. As traditional lenders face more stringent regulations, alternative forms of financing have emerged to fill the void, resulting in different types of risk.

Combined with interest rates that appear to be "lower for longer", the competition for assets in Asia Pacific’s established real estate hubs has intensified. Some market participants have reacted by altering their risk appetites, looking towards new locations and alternative assets in their search for yield. When paired with more balance between west and east in the global economic order, this appears to have resulted in a change in the established patterns of capital flows. 

Our expert speakers will explire investment strategies in the real estate asset class, its place in multi-asset portfolios, as well as allocations between traditional and alternative real estate assets.

Who should attend

Participants gain a better understanding of local and regional real estate investment opportunities and ways to manage the associated risks, all framed from within RICS' established understanding of the business of bricks and mortar.

  • Scholarship authorities
  • Institutional investors, private equity
  • Real estate developer
  • Corporate occupier
  • Data analysis company
  • FinTech company
  • Asset management service provider
  • Facility management company
  • Research institution
  • City think tank
  • International & domestic media and commentator

Why you should attend

The global economic outlook

While a degree of uncertainty clouds the economic outlook at the start of 2019, will the growth in real estate investment market pick up throughout the year? Before identifying these uncertainties and risks, economists will explore the macroeconomic and geopolitics scene shaping Hong Kong’s market and bring with us RICS Global Monitor in real estate market.

Risk management in real estate investment

In recent years, the real estate investment industry has seen an improvement in the way it manages risk, especially under a real estate markets facing rising headwinds. Although investment risk management is predominantly seen as being driven by investment performance motivations, rather than compliance.

Utilising data and technologies to inform investment

Although the real estate market value still depends heavily on factors such as location, building quality, but the development of technology has begun to change. From Big Data to IoT to artificial intelligence, leading property developers and asset managers are selectively applying a variety of property technologies to their portfolios. On the other hand, in an uncertain real estate market, how to utilize new technologies to identify investment risk and delve value will help to weather a turbulent market.

A shifting investment landscape and real estate’s place within it

Advances in risk management have come at a time when real estate investment has reached new all-time highs; a time when yields have been compressed and competition for returns fierce. Against this backdrop, investors are observing a growing risk appetite, with moves into alternative assets becoming increasingly widespread. Hong Kong`s investors should know well how to utilize Hong Kong`s position in GBA and OBOR as well as investing in new locations and alternative asset to drive growth and combat tightening yields from traditional investments.


  • Macroeconomic trend and geopolitics shaping Hong Kong’s market

    • The clouds on the global economic horizon
    • Impacts of the China-US trade tensions and other major causes of market volatility
    • Increasing pressure from capital outflows
    • A look into the financial stimuli introduced to combat economic deceleration

    RICS Global Monitor: International real estate investment market analysis

    • Global Commercial Property Monitor
    • China Commercial Property Monitor
    • Asia Pacific Commercial Property Monitor 
    • Euro area: Economy and Property Market Update
  • Challenges faced by CIOs and risk departments in real estate investment

    • Managing real estate exposure
    • Understanding real estate specific risks
    • Overcoming difficulties presented during the ALM process

    Emerging risks for 2020 and beyond

    • Lower for longer: When the tide turns
    • Instability in developed markets
    • Interest rate risks
    • Currency risks: Can currency pegs continue? 
    • Risk management strategies and best practices  
  • Availability and accuracy of data and its importance to investment

    • Current use cases
    • Where will we be in the next five years?
    • Lessons learnt and best practices from other jurisdictions
    • Monetisation of data: A new revenue stream for real estate landlords?

    Panel discussion: the application of FinTech in property investment

  • Hong Kong’s investor appetite – changes and opportunities

    • Utilising Hong Kong’s increased annual capital works expenditure
    • Leveraging Hong Kong’s position in the GBA to drive growth
    • Movement into developing markets across the APAC region from OBOR and beyond
    • How to make the most of Hong Kong’s green finance drive

    Panel Discussion: Diversification with the real estate investment class

    • Allocations within real estate – geography, type and style
    • Combating tightening yields from traditional investments through alternative assets
    • Latest trends in investment in colocation spaces, affordable housing, senior housing, obsolete buildings and data centres


For enquiries or further information, please contact Ms Karina Cheung, Head of Partners Development (Hong Kong, Macau), on +852 2117 0695 or

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