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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

Building a 21st-century professional body through equality, diversity and inclusion.

The adoption, promotion and embedding of a culture of trust and diversity is a priority for RICS and diversity must become a core strand of all RICS thinking and business strategy.

Respecting and valuing differences, with a commitment to equal treatment and equal opportunity, will help us serve the public, our professionals and regulated firms effectively, and deliver policies and outcomes which are fair and transparent as well as to ensure that our profession is fit and relevant for the future.

RICS Diversity and Inclusion strategy aims to educate, support and demonstrate the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce to RICS professionals and regulated firms as well as establishing RICS as a trusted and confident thought leader on this topic. RICS will assist and support our professional members to embrace the opportunities that a fairer, more diverse and balanced pool of talent will bring to their businesses.

Diversity and inclusion is a significant subject area, not just for RICS, but for society as a whole. There are many issues to be tackled and many stereotypes to be broken down. In order to be successful, we must focus on those areas where we can be effective and deliver the greatest degree of change.

The work of the RICS as a regulatory body has an impact on millions of people in the United Kingdom. As a result, the diversity of people we come into contact with, and offer services to, is immense. We therefore need to fully incorporate equality into the way we do business, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, promote equal opportunities and help our staff and professionals to be the best they can be.


RICS is working with others to assure a diverse profession.

Diversity networks can be a powerful tool for empowering minoritised groups, supporting individuals and consulting people who share similar values. 

Find out more about various diversity network groups

The Business Case for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Making the most of our diversity is clearly the right thing to do. Equality, diversity and inclusion is about valuing our people, at all levels, wherever they work and whatever they do.

Having a diverse workforce which reflects society is not an end in itself. Organisations that embrace diverse workforces deliver better results. A diverse workforce with clear collective goals is generally associated with innovation, comprehensive and better-framed strategies, and decisions that are more robust resulting from increased challenge and different perspectives. According to a McKinsey research, gender diverse companies and ethnically diverse companies are more likely to outperform by 15% and 35% respectively.

This is also about capability and the ability to recruit from the widest talent pool. Particularly in times of restructuring, redeployment and redundancy, we need the people with the right skills and learning opportunities in place to develop them.