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Professor Richard Templer

Richard Templer, biography, profileDirector of Innovation at Grantham Institute, Imperial College London

Since 2007 Professor Templer has been active in the creation of initiatives to drive innovations combatting the causes and effects of climate change. In 2009 Professor Templer was part of a successful bid to the European Institute for Innovation and Technology to create a Climate Knowledge Innovation Community. In 2010 he became the Director of the UK arm of Climate-KIC and Director of Education for the whole KIC. He and his team created a very successful programme of education to inspire climate innovators and entrepreneurs and developed and ran what became the world's leading Cleantech Accelerator.

He stood down from the Climate-KIC in 2015 and joined the Grantham Institute as their Director of Innovation. He is working on founding a world-leading co-location centre for climate change research, education and innovation.

Over the past decade Professor Templer and a group of like-minded colleagues founded the Chemical Biology Centre to bring together physical and life scientists interested in applying quantitative measurement and interpretation to biomolecular phenomena. He helped to found the postgraduate research courses in biomolecular science and chemical biology that gave birth to the Doctoral Training Centre in Chemical Biology.