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Taylor Wescoatt

Taylor Wescoatt, World Built Environment Forum SummitFounding Partner, Concrete VC

Companies call Taylor when they have a question regarding product, such as: 'how do I build a roadmap?': 'how do I learn from my customers?', or 'do I build this now or later?'

His two favourite things in Product are:

  1. a critical insight into a customer need, and
  2. data showing that you've delivered value to a customer.

Taylor has built product for startups (Seatwave, CitySearch, Emoov) and bigger brands (eBay, AOL, Time Out). When not helping people get their product figured out, Taylor invests in PropTech startups via Concrete VC.

The World Built Environment Forum facilitates industry leading discussions harnessing the enormous potential of the 21st century's people and places.