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The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Focus

23 April 2018: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Focus

Session under the spotlight: Cities in the Changing Ecosystems of Industry and Commerce

As entire industries are reshaped in the fourth industrial age, successful cities must adapt. Businesses are significantly less reliant on the location of natural resources and mass labour than at any point in the last two centuries. New economic and business models can help cities address growing pressures on space, resources and vital services. Reflecting on the benefits and costs of on-demand, peer-to-peer, shared and circular economic models, the session will consider the implications for employers and employees of decentralised production and service delivery models, and how cities should respond.


Chris Choa

Speaker: Chris ChoaA native New Yorker, Christopher Choa is based in London and leads the global cities practice for AECOM. He works with city and national governments to develop macro-scale strategies.

A graduate of both Harvard and Yale, Christopher chairs the UK executive committe of the Urban Land Institute and is on the external advisory board for the Sustainable Urban Development program at Oxford. He is an appointed advisor to the Mayor of London’s Infrastructure Delivery Board.

AECOM is currently #161 on the Fortune 500. Having made the list for the first time in 2008, the company has risen steadily, placing second on the fastest growing list in 2015. AECOM is ranked second in the industry (Engineering and Construction) for innovation and third for global competitiveness.

Karuna Gopal

Speaker: Karuna GopalMs. Karuna Gopal, is an Internationally acclaimed thought leader, columnist, keynote speaker and advisor on smart cities.

She is the Founder President of Foundation for Futuristic Cities, a think tank that has influenced urban transformation in India for over a decade.

Ms Gopal contributed to the design of the smart cities mission of the Government of India and was invited to speak at the launch of the mission by the Prime Minister.

In the past, Ms Gopal served as an institutional development expert for the UK Government’s Department for International Development and more recently as Senior Advisor at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her current focus is on disruptive technologies in the field of urban transformation.

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