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Why attend

Why attend

This summit is a must-attend event for built environment professionals wanting to find competitive advantage in macro trends, such as urbanisation and resource security, and technology developments, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cyber security; as well as macro-economic issues, such as financial stability and protectionism.

For developers and service providers

  • Gain strategic perspectives and market insight to succeed in growth markets.
  • Demonstrate your market relevance to those who are shaping the cities of the future.
  • Learn about solutions that enhance occupiers’ confidence in markets.

For corporate occupiers

  • Understand the trends shaping the urban environment.
  • Gain valuable insight into real estate markets from location strategy to buildings specifications.

For financial bodies

  • Understand the interconnected sectoral risks in regional and global markets.
  • Develop approaches to invest responsibly.

Government and regulatory authorities

  • Understand the market forces driving foreign direct investment in real estate and infrastructure.
  • Learn best practices that make optimum use of available resources, and offer the best long-term viability for cities to attract employers and meet citizens’ needs.

Influencers: Policy makers/research bodies/think tanks/leading commentators

  • Shape the thinking of key industry players from around the globe.
  • Gain market insight from international practitioners in the sector.

The World Built Environment Forum facilitates industry leading discussions harnessing the enormous potential of the 21st century's people and places.