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Nadja de Jager

Chief Investment Risk Officer, CBRE Global Investors

Nadja De Jager is the Chief Investment Risk Officer within the CBRE Global Investment Partners team. Based in London, she is responsible for investment risk oversight of the GIP portfolios and investment holdings. She is a member of the Global Investment Team and CBRE GIP Investment Committee and a chair of the CBRE GIP Portfolio Oversight Committee and CBRE GIP Investment Oversight Committee.

Nadja's key responsibilities include Portfolio and Investment Holding Oversight where she works closely with regional heads, portfolio managers, and teams of investment analysts and portfolio managers to agree the appropriate portfolio structure. This is guided by extensive research resources and portfolio analytics. Nadja also assists clients with the enhancement of portfolios to fit their strategic objectives, asset allocation structures and guidelines.

Within the remit of the role is formulation of investment strategy following guidance from the investment research and portfolio analytics team in conjunction with senior investment professionals. Within her scope is the review of new investment propositions and investment manager selection and evaluation, via three step approval process (Member of Preliminary Approval Committee, Investment Committee and the Final DD Committee).

Nadja joined CBRE Global Investors in August 2007. She started in the European research team and continued in the Global research team where she was responsible for forecasts of real estate markets and strategic real estate allocation across geographies.

Nadja is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and RICS's Global Risk Forum. She holds a Bachelor degree in economics and a Masters degree in finance from Handels School of Economics and Commercial Law at Gothenburg University, Sweden. Nadja is fluent in four languages. Special interests include residential sector developments and refurbishments.

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