Annual & Regulatory Review and Remuneration Report

Sean Tompkins

Chief Executive Officer (RICS)

Our Annual and Regulatory Review for the 2015-16 business year provides an overall picture of the performance of our professional body from standards development and thought leadership, to our work to gain adoption of our standards and how they are being enforced.


During 2015-16 we showed what we can achieve through a collaborative approach to international technical and ethics standards. We championed best practice including diversity and inclusion, responsible investment, and low carbon. And we have enhanced our status as a leading convenor for all the key players and stakeholders in the built environment sector.

Events of the last 12 months have highlighted the unpredictable geopolitical context in which we operate. Against this uncertain backdrop, the need for professionalism can only be greater, and we will strive to ensure it continues to be highly valued.

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Remuneration Report 2016

At RICS, we act with integrity and champion the profession. This underpins how we will achieve our vision: to be recognised in key international markets as the leading body that develops and enforces professional standards, and offers access to the most sought-after professional status.

As such, we share information about compensation and reward in an honest and transparent manner. It’s important that our professionals have an insight into how we operate, including how we reward and recognise our people for contributing to our successes.

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for setting our overall policy on pay and reward. RICS-qualified professionals and independent professionals sit on this committee and the policy is reviewed each year, using specialist insight on salary levels in the countries we operate in and taking into account how we are performing overall.

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RICS Annual & Regulatory Review 2015-16

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