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RICS Summit Africa 2019

The leading event for the built environment in Sub-Saharan Africa returns in 2019 bringing together chief executives, CFO’s, Managing Directors and Presidents of the African built environment’s most influential organisations.

Investing with Impact – Collaboration and Innovation

Wed 29 May 2019 - Thu 30 May 2019
09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Maslow Hotel, Corner of Grayston Drive & Rivonia Road, Sandown, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2031

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Event overview

This year’s theme “Investing with Impact – Collaboration and Innovation” will focus on how collaborative partnerships and impactful investment is shaping the future of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Key topics for discussion will include an in-depth look into inward investment, geopolitics and cross-border collaboration, as well as an examination of current and future investment trends in cities, renewable energy and transport infrastructure. The agenda will also address established and emerging models of funding.

Attend to hear regional and international speakers address these pertinent subjects and explore possible collaborative and innovative strategies to push Africa forward as a global thought leader and influencer in the built environment sector.

Download the RICS Summit Africa 2019: programme

Summit Format

  • An optional technical tour during the day followed by the RICS Summit Africa networking drinks reception in the evening (18:00-20:30).

    More details on the technical tour will be available shortly.

  • The RICS Summit Africa takes place throughout the day. Key sessions include:

    Opening keynote address: Macroeconomic forecast for Sub-Saharan Africa

    The event opens with a macroeconomic forecast and analysis of the growth and performance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Close attention will be paid to key market drivers and the key industries driving economic growth, particularly in the built environment. An analysis of trade and investment trends will paint the picture of Africa's current economy and shed light on what's to come in 2019/2020.

    Panel: Building the future through impactful investment

    Investment is more than a financial gain. It shapes the future of our world, which makes it increasingly important to attract the right foreign investment to boost the economy's capacity to grow. Attend to hear who is investing where and why, as well as emerging investment markets, investment risk allocation, and to what extent big data and transparency will impact investment.

    The urban utopia: Shaping our future cities

    With mass urbanisation comes the opportunity to play a key role in shaping the future of our cities. Key considerations must be made: what will cities look like? What infrastructure must be considered? And how can digital disruptors and technological innovation be used to enhance this? Will the global market switch its focus on emerging markets? And how can cities utilise the youth migrating to them to develop their futures, engaging them through community initiatives to find solutions to urban challenges? Cities have the potential to be the driving force of progress, and city leaders must meld strategic investment planning with governance mechanisms and new financing tools to shape our cities of tomorrow.

    The value of strategic Facilities Management in the future of African real estate

    Through a forecast on the future of African real estate, this session will explore the role strategic FM plays in shaping the future of commercial real estate. What value does it add and how does it make property more investible?

    Closing keynote panel: Future for investment in Africa through collaboration and innovation

    Considering how Africa fares comparatively to the rest of the world, this panel will discuss possible collaborative and innovative strategies to push Africa forward as a thought leader. According to the World Bank, one of the highest rates of female entrepreneurship is in Africa. How can this be utilised to create diverse economic and social opportunities, particularly for the booming youth? How can collaboration between the public and private sectors stimulate impactful investments, as well as cross-border partnerships? And how do technological advancements and the Fourth Industrial Revolution fit into this? The panel will discuss how we can move towards transparent and collaborative leadership and address the trust deficit many feel in their leaders, as well as models of funding that have worked in Africa and what the emerging global best practices and technologies in financing are.

    Breakout sessions will include:

    • Plenaries on smart resource management and how public-private partnerships are assisting to develop Infrastructure and attracting private sector investment.
    • Case studies will include major projects in renewable energy and transport infrastructure.

Join us at the Maslow Hotel

Take advantage of our Early-bird rates before they expire on 28 February 2019.

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