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Dealing with Difficult Clients

Learn key best practice strategies to deal with difficult people across your property, land and construction projects and day to day at work, and build up the life-long needed skills for proactive and reactive management.

Course Duration:
1.5 hours
1.5 hours CPD

Web class recording

£50 + VAT


Managing difficult people is a skill required within many if not all industries. Focus on issues that arise during major interactions faced by property, land and construction roles, considering in particular clients, landlords and tenants as well as contractors and consultants.

Walk through sample situations, identifying how you can best deal with difficult people in the workplace. By considering how to manage people in a proactive manner and identifying how to put practices into place, you will build up a bank of key skills required for minimising the impact of difficult situations.

Look at ways to avoid these circumstances, and if they do happen how you can communicate and negotiate in a positive way to ensure that you provide excellent client care. Mixing theory and practical examples with interactive discussions, this class will help you develop a key skill needed throughout your career.

Course Content

The course will focus on the following areas

  • Common difficult conversations that arise in the Built Environment
  • Where and when you should plan challenging situations
  • How to prepare for a difficult conversations
  • Creating “Win Win” negotiations
  • Actions to avoid when managing difficult people.

Learning outcomes

  • Approach a difficult client with more confidence
  •  Identify appropriate timing and locations for undertaking difficult conversations
  •  List simple tips for a conducting a successful difficult conversation
  •  Improve communication and negotiation within client relationships
  •  Implement “win win” techniques in negotiations

Who should take this course?

For those who’re looking to expand their client-facing work in any sector.


Why attend this course?

To gain essential skills needed through your career, for mitigating the risk of difficult situations arising and to manage them when they do. Essential for APC candidates, particularly those on the project Management pathway and those looking to refine their soft skills.

Course format

This web class recording will be a combination of structured learning points, using a Powerpoint presentation. Once you are enrolled, you have access to all course materials.

*This course will be available for 14 days from the date of purchase. 

£50 + VAT