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Online Training

Writing Minutes

Taking notes, writing minutes and circulating essential information is a large part of any secretarial or assistant roles. Take the essential information from a meeting and write an appropriate brief.

Available languages: English, French, German, Portuguese & Spanish

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Course Duration:
Enrollment Duration: 90 Days
0,5 hours formal CPD
£15 + VAT


Recording and distributing information supports the work of your colleagues, clients and other stakeholders of the business. Making sure that you capture the message accurately is a skill that can be learned and developed and is absolutely necessary if your role requires note taking on a daily basis

Through practical, professional case studies that demonstrate how to summarise you will learn to identify the essential points and sum up the message. The course will teach you how to overcome the difficulties of note taking, write good meeting brief and highlight information in an appropriate manner.

Learning Objectives

  •  Overcome the difficulties of note-taking.
  •  Write a good meeting brief.
  •  Highlight useful information in an appropriate manner.


This e-learning course contains the following:

  1. Learning how to identify and summarise the essential points.
  2. Writing a good meeting brief.
  3. Highlighting useful information.
£15 + VAT