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Relational Skills of the Manager

Managers must be able to communicate effectively with co-workers, at both the individual and team level. This eLearning course will assist you with having the correct methodology and tools for doing so.

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Course Duration:
Enrollment Duration: 90 Days
0.5 hours formal CPD
£15 + VAT


A significant portion of a managerial role involves the receiving and communication of information and disseminating of knowledge and guidance to individuals and teams. In order to do this most effectively, a manager must use the most appropriate methods of communication and optimise the use of time spent with the team.

This course will enable you to select the most effective communication tools for different scenarios and prepare you for leading meetings, as well as individual interviews or more complicated interpersonal situations. You will be faced with a number of practical exercises that will help you to adapt these tools to each situation.

Learning Objectives

  •  Choose the appropriate communication tools based on context and team needs
  •  Prepare and conduct a meeting or individual interview successfully
  •  Deal with errors and manage delicate situations


This e-learning course contains the following:

  1. The right communication tools
  2. Leading a meeting
  3. Conducting an individual interview
  4. Managing delicate interpersonal situations
£15 + VAT