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Certificate courses

Certificate Courses

RICS competencies define the knowledge, skills, and experience required for Built Environment Professionals when working towards the International Best Practice. It is important that you possess the skills in your own area of practice and understand the fundamental principles of your industry counterparts. Through our Certificate Online Programs you can develop your technical skills and knowledge in line with the RICS Competency Framework, to deepen your technical capability for career progression.

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Key Benefits

  • One stop training for entering the sectors and/or cross-sectors career progression
  • Access to a university level course that focuses on practical and professional skills and knowledge
  • Integrate your studies into your work and personal life with a modular approach to learning

How it works

Duration: 6 – 9 months

Effort: 2 - 4 hours a week                         

Format: online, self-paced 

Delivery: start anytime, tutor-led

Who should enrol

If you:

• Are entering a new technical sector, want to develop the primary skills required by that profession

• Are practicing in a sector, want to deepen your knowledge of that profession

• Want to understand the fundamental principles of your industry counterparts


Learning Resources

  • Interactive eLearning module delivers the technical content of the learning objectives. The content will be delivered in bite-size chunks, including diagrams, podcasts and interactive activities

  • The e-Learning is supported by structured reading material

  • The case study is a scenario assignment for you to put the theory from the e-Learning module into practice by using knowledge gained in a project or situation

  • The discussion forum is a chance for you to ask any questions and share professional experience with program tutor and learners from all over the world

  • A short quiz tracks how much of the learning has been absorbed and acts as a learning progress tracker

  • This session consolidates the learning from the eLearning module, reading materials, case studies and common questions that have been raised in the forum.
  • Upon completion of all technical modules, you will be facing a program examination to test knowledge. A certificate of completion RICS Training program in the chosen sector will be granted upon successful completion


Other Training Courses:

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