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Valuation in Practice

This programme is designed to evolve technical skills and knowledge needed for professionals in the built environment, focusing on core valuation competencies such as inspection, measurement and valuation.

Intensive, fast track learning course to fulfill required competencies of becoming a Chartered Surveyor in Valuation

Mon 25 Mar 2019 - Thu 31 Oct 2019
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
RICS, 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #27-16, Singapore, 079903
200 hours CPD

Eligible for e2i and/or UTAP funding support

SGD2800 + 7% GST


It is highly relevant and beneficial to professionals working in finance functions or departments who use valuation reports as part of their decision-making process (for example, approving mortgage applications, business acquisitions, mergers or sales) as it will allow comprehensive insight into the day to day tasks of a valuer.  Detailed knowledge on how the valuations are created, the methodology, identifications of any red flags in the valuations and how to engage their professional skepticism of the valuation will also be covered.

At the end of the programme:

  • Your progress in the technical module content will be supported through your training programme by dedicated course trainer/assessors.
  • You will then be assessed through online final examination. The examination will take place within one-month window period towards the end of the programme.
  • Upon successful completion of the modules, you would have completed 200 CPD hours study.
  • You will receive RICS Certificate of Completing confirming you have successfully attended and passed the Course in Valuation Practice.

Meet the trainer

Annie Zhang, MRICS, Director, Ernst & Young

Annie Zhang has 12 years’ experience in real estate industry. She led real estate projects in Singapore, China and Asia for IPO, merger & acquisition, feasibility study, due diligence, lead advisory and financial reporting.

She is currently Director, Transaction Advisory Services – Valuation, Modeling & Economics for Ernst & Young Solutions LLP, Singapore. Six years with EY Singapore, she provided valuation advisory to real estate funds, investors and developers including Goldman Sachs, Fraser Centrapoint, Ascendas-Singbridge, Keppel REIT, SoilBuild Reit, UOL, Banyan Tree and MSREF on financial report preparation. She also provided feasibility advisory to clients with respect to their investments in ASEAN.

Annie graduated with Master of Science in Real Estate from University of Reading, UK. After graduation, she worked in Shanghai with CBRE and PWC.

The session will be useful to:

  • All valuation APC candidates or any RICS pathway that declaring the valuation competency who wish to understand the technical expertise and competencies required by RICS to become a Chartered Surveyor in valuation.
  • Professionals from other backgrounds who wish to move into valuation or to become a chartered as valuation professionals.
  • Other professionals in the financial institution who want to have an in-depth technical knowledge in Valuation profession. (e.g. Investment Manager, Asset Manager, Budget Manager, Mortgage Specialists, etc.)
  • Anyone who wish to acquire practical knowledge and competencies defined for the valuation profession through flexible learning options.

About the programme

    • The programme will be delivered in blended learning approach over six (6) months.
    • Each technical module will be offered online where you can also network, learn with other delegates, and ask questions to your trainer/assessor through discussion forums.
    • Each online module allows you to complete it within three (3) to four (4) weeks to follow by face to face session to be held once a month.
    • The face to face session is a consolidation session to meet with your peers, trainer/assessor and review the online module content as well as to discuss on its practical application.
    • In addition, delegates will also have face to face sessions on key activities of the membership assessment process.  
  • Technical modules | Online and face-to-face consolidation session

    • TM 1: Introduction to valuation in practice, in context and information gathering
    • TM 2: Comparable method and the market
    • TM 3: Investment method and two techniques
    • TM 4: Residual method traditional
    • TM 5: Depreciated replacement costs and profits methods overview
    • TM 6: Valuation standards and the client

    APC Workshops | Face-to-face sessions

    • APC 1: Introduction to APC process, writing summary of experience and case study.
    • APC 2: Mandatory competencies workshops
      • 2.1. Inspection & Measurement 
      • 2.2. Letting & Leasing and Purchase & Sale 
      • 2.3. Investment management
      • 2.4. Property finance and funding
      • 2.5. Development appraisals
      • 2.6. Valuation
    •  APC 3: Conduct rules, ethics and professional practice
    • APC 4: Preparing for final assessment interview
  • Upon reaching the end of the course, delegates have gained the required knowledge to be able to:

    • Identify when and why a valuation is required.
    • Apply best practice on inspection and investigation.
    • Explain the international aspect of property measurement.
    • Assess and identify the main drivers of value in your local market and globally.
    • Describe and understand the role of the value within the property market.
    • Explain key valuation methods theories and techniques.
    • Select most appropriate method of valuation for a given property scenario.
    • Produce a valuation applying the appropriate method of valuation.
    • State the purpose of International Valuation Standards and RICS Valuation – Professional Standards.
    • Describe the use of the Valuation Standards from the client’s perspective.
    • Increase confidence on how to write your summaries of experience in order to demonstrate competency.
    • Prepare your case study and presentation for submission or know in which areas your need to gain further experience, knowledge or skills to improve to be able to submit.
    • Ready to sit your final assessment interview or know the areas in which to improve and develop.
  • Each content module is composed of the following learning tools, to support and enhance your learning experience in achieving the programme’s learning objectives:

    • E-Learning sessions: Gain understanding, and practical technical skills of each competency modules hosted on RICS’ dedicate e-learning platform.
    • Reading material: Further your study and understanding of the methodologies through sourced articles and textbooks.
    • Face to face sessions: Consolidate your learning from the modules, meet the course trainer/assessor and ask any questions directly.
    • Case studies: Be able to practice the theory taught within the module through practical examples. Your responses and your peers’ can be shared within the online forums and learn from each other.
    • Online forum: As questions and feedback from your trainer and peers. Each module has a dedicated forum to provide you with constant access to your trainer/assessor and a shared learning area with fellow delegates. 
    • End of module quizzes: At the end of each module is a short quiz, to check your understanding of the content and to help track your progress. 
    • Final Exam: At the end of the course there will be a final examination to assess achievement of the learning objectives. Passing rate is 65% with two attempts to pass.
    • Summaries of experience for Assessor’s feedback: A Valuation Assessor will review your summary of experience for each competency and give personalised feedback.


Funding is available for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents

  • Eligibility for Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) funding capped at $630 per Singaporean/PR participant (regardless for SMEs or Non-SMEs).
  • Eligible for UTAP funding up to 50% of the course fee with a capped of $250 per year. Applicable for self-sponsored applicants / NTUC members only (Not applicable for company sponsored).
  • Early bird fee SGD2800 + 7% GST
  • Course fee SGD3500 + 7% GST
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

SGD2800 + 7% GST