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ELP in Construction Project Management

An Emerging Leaders Program in Construction Project Management offers an accelerated learning opportunity for you to achieve leadership roles in both private and public sector whilst simultaneously preparing you for gaining MRICS - the globally recognized chartered qualification for built environment.


The profession requires a combination of technical competence and business acumen. Leadership skills, motivational/soft skills and risk management expertise are tools commonly considered essential to be an effective project manager.

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) in Construction Project Management (CPM) is designed for professionals who are aspiring for leadership roles in the construction project management function by enhancing their skill-sets, referred to as 'competencies'.

Project managers occupy a central role in the development process; driving successful completion of projects. Project management is a thriving professional discipline much in demand around the globe. Consequently, these chartered professionals can choose from a variety of potential employers including clients and consultants from both public and private sectors, with either commercial or not-for-profit aims.

This program covers the fundamentals of project management, including: roles and responsibilities of the project manager; project planning and tools and techniques used in project planning; identification of risks and management of quality control; E-procurement; green project management; earned value management; health and safety related issues; project metrics; value management and issues related to project management. It explores the project life-cycle and the critical steps within each stage, including how to plan, organise and control construction operations; undertaking initial feasibility studies through to design, construction, maintenance, refurbishment and demolition.

As businesses bid and win work on the international stage, all case studies used in this program have a local and international perspective to give you a well-rounded view of managing construction projects with a focus on internationals and local contract practice, project finance control and reporting, project process and procedures and risk management.

Learning outcomes

  • Apply effective time and cost control techniques during the life-cycle of a project.
  • Use the various techniques to manage projects including critical success factors.
  • Prepare reports benchmarking progress and audit reports for clients and stakeholders.
  • Recognize the legal and contractual parameters of a project.
  • Apply techniques to manage construction site activity.
  • Perform risk management and learnrisk assessment techniques.


Module I

  • Overview of project management and programming and planning.
  • Managing people, stakeholders and professional practise.
  • Procurement & tendering.

Module II

  • Construction technology andenvironmental services.
  • Contract practice.
  • Commercial management inconstruction.

Module III

  • Project evaluation, administration and process.
  • Risk management in construction.
  • Leadership.

Module IV

  • Communication and negotiation.
  • Project work.