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Online Training

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Commercial Property Professionals

Build on your understanding of the regulations to ensure compliance and minimise your business risks

Course Duration:
1.5 hours
1.5 hours CPD

Web class recording

£30 + VAT


Gain a high-level overview of PII, by identifying the beneficiaries as well as methods and reasoning for capping liability. Consider through case study material, risks faced by those not covered with appropriate PII and the circumstances in which RICS can support you. By recognising the standards applied to you and the steps required to mitigate risk when agreeing instructions, you’ll gain the necessary assurance that you are working within RICS regulatory requirements.

Knowledge gained here will benefit anyone working with commercial property who is employed at an RICS regulated firm.


  • Examine what PII is
  • Why do you need PII?
  • What do RICS Regulated firms consider when conducting visits?
  • What is a liability cap?
  • Who do you address your PII report to when securing instructions?

Learning outcomes

  • Define Professional Indemnity at a high level including who the beneficiaries of PII are and how liability can be capped
  • Identify the key risks and benefits of PII for firms working in the commercial property sector
  • Identify the standards set out by RICS PII policy and considerations taken by RICS during regulatory visits
  • Consider what level of PII is required to be offered to the client
  • Recognise whether a liability cap is acceptable
  • Identify who the PII report needs to be addressed to
  • Identify support available from RICS through the Member Support Service (MSS)

Who should take this course

Knowledge gained in this class will benefit anyone working with commercial property who is employed at an RICS regulated firm

Course format

This web class recording will be a combination of structured learning points, using a Powerpoint presentation. Once you are enrolled, you have access to all course materials.

*This course will be available for 14 days from the date of purchase. 

£30 + VAT