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APC Blended Course for QS & Construction

In this course, you will be guided in your progress to fulfil the required competencies of the quantity surveying pathway.

Sat 8 Dec 2018 - Sat 8 Jun 2019
09:30 AM - 05:30 PM
RICS office, Room 3707-09, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
200 hours CPD


The need for chartered quantity surveyors is significant. By 2020, a prediction of 18 billion will be spent on construction projects across key developing markets, therefore having the skills meet this global demand is essential.

In this course, you will be guided through the required competencies of the quantity surveying pathway. There are three learning channels for each core competency: technical training, how demonstrate your competency for assessment, and personalised feedback on your summaries of experience from quantity surveying APC assessors.

At the end of the course is an exam to check your understanding of the technical content and a mock interview workshop with a quatity surveying assessor.

Who is this course for?

  • Quantity surveying APC candidates who want to fast-track their progress.
  • Surveyors from other backgrounds who wish to become chartered as quantity surveying professionals.
  • Other professionals in the built environment (eg architects, engineers, and construction and project managers) who want to become chartered quantity surveyors by taking the APC pathway to become RICS professionals.)

Course structure

Delivered over seven months, this course outlines the practices and core principles of quantity surveying in six content modules. Each module covers a competency required by the profession and using a blended style of online study.

Through a mixture of learning content and interactive sessions, delegates will gain a thorough grounding of the required technical knowledge of each competency. There will also be a face-to-face consolidation session in how to demonstrate your knowledge of each competency and a personal feedback from a quantity surveying assessor on your summary of experience.

Each content module is composed of the following, to support and enhance the learners’ needs in gaining knowledge throughout the course programme.

  • E-learning sessions
  • Reading material
  • Face-to-face sessions
  • Case studies
  • Online forum
  • End-of-module quizzes
  • Assessor feedback

Learning methods

E-learning sessions

The online technical e-learning sessions provide you with a detailed overview of the principles and methodologies covered within each module. These are created by highly experienced trainers to give the core competencies of quantity surveying practice.

Reading materials

Further your study and understanding of the methodologies with the directed reading material. Sourced from textbooks and articles, these readings support your development throughout the course programme.

Face-to-face sessions

The face-to-face sessions consolidate your learning from the modules. Here you will have a chance to meet the course tutor and to ask any questions directly.

Case studies

Technical case studies provide you with examples of practice, within these case studies you will be able to practice the theory taught within the module. Your responses will be shared within the online forums.

Online forum

Each module has a dedicated forum to provide you with constant access to your tutor and a shared learning area with fellow delegates. Creating a dedicated learning environment you will be able to partake in topic discussion and share you learning with lots of other people from all over the world.

End-of-module quizzes

At the end of each module is a short quiz, to check your understanding of the content and to help track your progress.

Summaries of experience for assessor feedback

Quantity surveying assessor will review your summary of experience for each competency and give personalised feedback strengths and weaknesses.


  • RICS professional HK$26000
  • Non-RICS professional HK$30000
  • Visa

  • Mastercard